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Standing in a 2-block tall space will place the player at the highest point vertically when the world is reloaded


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    • 0.12.1 Pre-release
    • 0.8.1, 0.10.4, 0.10.5, 0.11.0, 0.11.0 Beta 14, 0.11.1
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      Sometimes, when quitting and saving the world while underground, the game vertically respawns me to the top surface when opening the world again.

      Update by rplatham:
      The most general description of this bug so far is: Whenever you reload a world you always appear one block (or part thereof) above wherever you last quit. How to reproduce: You can easily test this bug by quitting your world in 3rd person view and watching as the world loads you will drop 1 block. Try it in creative flat to see what I mean.

      The bug becomes a problem when you quit and the block(s) directly above you are solid. Upon the next load, you will spawn at the next available 2 block space moving upward from where you should have spawned. Again in a creative flat world, put a block above you, quit, reload and you'll be on top of that block. This works all the way up to the build limit where you spawn with your lower body inside the top block.

      Two closely related and much older reports are MCPE-51 (assigned to Johan) and MCPE-330 (unassigned).

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