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shearing sheep does not change sheep into a sheared sheep



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    • Affects Version/s: RTX Beta
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      Windows 10 - PC


      shearing a sheep does not work as intended. the sheep does not change it's look.


      when i shear off the white sheep their coat does not change to "sheared". the white sheep stay(s) fully white. you see a little wool block "jumping"  up and i can pick up the wool.

      the shearing mechanic is partially working. i get the wool but the looks of the sheep is not changing.

      in retail the coat is removed from the sheep and you see a mix of skin and white on the back of the sheep (for white sheep). 

      in the beta i do not see this effect happen.


      update: after saving the game to make this report i came back into the game. now the sheep look fully sheared.

      so loading a sheep with status "sheared" works and the graphics is there. but the shearing procedure misses an update on the looks of the sheep.


      steps to reproduce:

      1 use windows 10, minecraft rtx beta, an xbox one controller, create a survival game (seed -1125598398, i used random and got this number)

      2 make a pit (2 blocks deep with a step up block one block distance away from the "wall").  get some sheep in the pit. i used survival, and bred extra sheep with wheat, i had around 8+ sheep.

      3 mine iron, craft scissors

      4 use the scissors on the sheep and watch



       note: i changed the text as i saw a published template. i tried to make it more clear.


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