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      I dont know if this was suppose to be added but the breaking blocks is buggy.
      Because when i break a block and there isnt a block behind that block that i am breaking it will pause the breaking for the next block that i go after. its fine breaking a block if there is another block behind it but if there is an air block behind the one that im breaking it will pause the mining for the next block that i hit. I hope this is fixed ASAP. its not like the computer version where you can just hold down and continuously break blocks, like you can swing at the air and go to the next block and have it break the block instantly.

      For an example: say X= a block and O= an air block. and S=Steve

      if you hit a block without a block behind it, the breaking will pause

      S-->XO after hitting that block and switching to the other.
      X <--- this block here will pause before it starts breaking

      Now if:

      S-->XXXXXXXXX the first block is broken the others will break well
      XXXXXXXXX EXCEPT the last one on each row

      This may be a coding error, possibly, an entity effecting this code where the entity is vulnerable for a second could be possibly affecting the breaking code.




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