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Hopper below full block pulls items from hopper/chest-minecart on slanted track above and to the side



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    • Affects Version/s: Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, 1.14.60 Hotfix, 1.16.1
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Place a hopper with full blocks above and to one side, and powered rails on top of the blocks.
      2. Place a hopper/chest-minecart on the slanted powered rail up and to the side from the hopper, like this:
      3. Put a stack of items in the hopper/chest-minecart

      Expected result

      The items stay in the hopper/chest-minecart.

      Actual result

      The hopper pulls the items from the hopper/chest-minecart.

      Note: in 1.14.60, the hopper does not pull items if the block above it is a block with inventory. In 1.16, the hopper does pull items even if the block above it is a block with inventory, probably as a result of the fix to MCPE-54244.

      Original description
      Hopper with a furnace, or other inventory, above it is able to pull items from a hopper minecart passing above and to the side of the hopper. See the attached image, or a short clip here: https://youtu.be/PZCJb2AWGh4 for a setup and means of reproducing the bug.

      When the minecart is launched more slowly, in this case, with a 2-tick repeater, the hopper below the furnace is able to remove an item from the hopper minecart. This also happens when the hopper minecart is launched more quickly, but only some of the time. It's easier to reproduce with a slower moving minecart.

      In previous versions, where a solid block was placed instead of a furnace, the hopper would almost always take an item from the hopper minecart. Using a block with inventory (furnace), corrected that. But as of, the hopper is able to take items even with a block with inventory above it.


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