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Visual bug: can't see water if you place a waterlogged stair and a transparent block in a certain way.


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      If there is a waterlogged stair upside down and there is a transparent block below it, the water cannot be seen from below (as seen in picture). Is non-directional from my testing.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Place stair in such a way that there is an "empty" area facing down.
      2. Place a transparant block, such as a barrier or glass, 1 block below the stair (no air gap).
      3.  [Optional] For a cleaner setup, surround the blocks around the stair so that the water doesn't flow out when you do step 4.
      4. Waterlog the stair.

      Observed results: 

      From beneath, it looks like the stair is not waterlogged.

      Expected results:

      From beneath, it looks like the stair is waterlogged.

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