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Guardians float in air after trying to pathfind to water



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      I am currently making a guardian farm that requires guardians to be transported via water streams. These water streams of course have a water source at the start, and some of the guardians try to pathfind to it.

      All of the guardians that are trying to pathfind towards water begin to float after they drop into a chute. I have tried many different things, such as

      • a 3x3 chute
      • 2-block wide walls on a 3x3 chute
      • a 5x5 chute
      • a 3x3 chute with a gap of air then another 5x5 chute
      • different configurations of the water at the top (fences/hanging over with fences etc)

      none of these work, showing that there is a problem with how the guardians' AI tries to move the mob towards water sources

      hitting the mob, putting it in water etc does not stop it from floating


      "screenshot 1" shows a guardian floating near the centre of the chute, showing that it is not somehow using water through the wall. Normally, multiple would start blocking the rest from falling down too

      "screenshot 2" (less quality) shows multiple stacking upon one another


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