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Painting entities are not removed correctly from the client


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    • Phone - iOS - iPhone 4

      If an existing Painting entity is removed, and it is created again using the same Entity ID, it causes a client crash. This behavior is not shown on other entities, where they are created correctly.

      This was discovered during world teleporting between different worlds in PocketMine-MP. After reproducing the problem, I discovered that it was caused by the client.

      The steps to reproduce it (for developers) are:

      • Create a new painting entity using AddPaintingPacket (0x99)
        Entity ID: 2
        Spawn X: 126
        Spawn Y: 68
        Spawn Z: 129
        Direction: 1
        Title: Sea
      • Remove the entity using RemoveEntityPacket (0x8d)
        Entity ID: 2
      • Add the painting again using the same packet as the first step (time doesn't matters)
      • Instant crash

      Packet values are an example

      This could affect MCPE 0.9.0 and infinite worlds, because if an entity is removed from memory, and you return to that area, a crash will happen.

      Android devices, and Creative mode is also affected.

            shoghicp [Mojang] Shoghi Cervantes
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