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animals will not walk through open gates or doors


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      after building a fenced yard with a gate or a room with a door on it animals (pigs/cows/sheep/chickens) will not follow/enter the enclosed yard through the gate or door

      What I expected to happen was...:
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      i thought by making a room or yard and have animals follow me into the yard they would follow me and i could then get out and close the gate after myself keeping the animals in the yard
      What actually happened was...:
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      The animals would not enter the yard or room through the open gate or door

      Steps to Reproduce:
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      2. ...make a yard with fences
      3. ...put a gate on it
      4. ... open said gate
      5. .... pull out wheat have sheep and cows follow into yard (animals wont)
      6. make a room with block (of any kind)
      7. put a single door or double door on it and open door(s)
      8. ..... have animals follow you into the room (animals wont)

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