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Observers Don't Detect When The Fence Has Been Connected To A Block


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      Greetings Sir/Mam

      The Summary:-

      This bug has been presented in the Java Edition where the observer does not get updated when the fence has connected to a full grown tree. This same bug is now presented in the Bedrock Edition.

      How To Reproduce:-

      Step 1:- Place a Observer Block.

      Step 2:- Place a Redstone Lamp in the red dot of the Observer.

      Step 3:- Place a fence in the Observers Face.

      Step 4:- Place any block to connect the fence/bone meal a sapling.

      Observed Results:-

      The Observer does not get updated when the fence is connected to another block or when sapling is full grown into a tree.

      Expected Results:-

      The Observer should detect the update.

      Hoping this information is helpful to fix the bug.

      Thank You.

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