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When you put your d-pad size down with split touch con trols off your get six hotbar slots. But when you save and quit it goes back to 5 slots.



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      My friend showed me how to get more hotbar slots by turning off split touch off and then make the d-pad smaller. I tried it and it worked but then when I saved and quited it and closed out of it on the multitasking thing and went back in to my same world I was back to 5 slots.

      1. Go into a world.
      2. Press the pause button.
      3. Go into the options menu.
      4. Turn split touch off.
      5. Make the d-pad as small as it goes.
      6. Go back into the world.
      7. You should have 6 slots.
      8. Save and quit to title screen.
      9. Double-tap home button and quit out of Minecraft Pocket Edition.
      10. Go back into the same world.
      11. You should have 5 slots again.


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