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"fatal" damage filter does not trigger when the entity is killed using '/kill'


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      The bug

      The "fatal" damage filter triggers when the entity receives fatal damage, whether that be from a player, or a lightning strike, falling into the void, etc. However, it does not trigger when the entity is killed using the /kill command.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Enter the provided world, with the example behavior pack and resource pack.
      2. Summon the test entity (test:sample_entity) using either a /summon command or the provided command block.
      3. Kill it with your hands. Notice how it shrinks.
      4. Repeat step two, but kill it using /kill @e[type=test:sample_entity]. Notice how it does not shrink.

      The damage sensor on this entity sets a component group that sets its scale to 0.2 to demonstrate that the trigger succeeded.

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