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Minecraft problem to login with Xbox


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      Hello, since Friday I have been having a problem with Minecraft, after an incident with the electrical energy of my house, when I returned and tried to play, I noticed that the Xbox session had closed, just after trying to start the Xbox session again, it does not let me, this message always appears: "Something went wrong", and after that message, when I return to Minecraft the buttons disappear, and I have to restart the game, I have tried several times and the same thing always happens, I already uninstalled Minecraft and reinstalled it, and still nothing, too, I already tried to delete the Minecraft files, but nothing, it's still the same problem, I don't know why it happens, but It is curious that after the electric power from my house is gone, this started happening. The Xbox image is in spanish but it says: "Something went wrong. Try again or try in Xbox.com", I don't know if it is a problem of Xbox or Minecraft.

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