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Items Can Enter The Player Inventory With No Remaining Slots


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      Greetings Sir/Mam

      The Summary:-

      Items can enter the player inventory when the whole slots are full.

      How To Reproduce:-

      Step 1:- Be In Creative Mode.

      Step 2 :- Fill the whole player inventory with any items (Stackable/Non - stackable).

      Step 3 :- After filling the whole player inventory, go to the creative menu.

      Step 4 :- Throw out any block or item to the ground.

      Step 5 :- Walk towards the item or block to pick it up.

      Observed Results:-

      The block/item enters the player inventory when there is no remaining slots.

      Excepted Results:-

      The Item/block should stay on the ground when the player walks towards it.

      I have a video proof of this bug in this ticket, hoping this information is helpful to fix the bug.

      Thank You.

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