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Ghost blocks are created by certain new blocks


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      Still present in beta


      UPDATED DESCRIPTION: Placing several of the new blocks, including basalt, polished basalt, stems, hyphae, and the twisting and weeping vines and mining them with the silk touch enchantment "corrupts" the placed block. Placing these "corrupted" blocks will make it appear as though the item was placed, but it will not be removed from your inventory. It also cannot be removed from your inventory using the Q hotkey and cannot be used to press buttons, pull levers, open inventorys (chests, crafting tables, furnaces, etc.), and so on if it is currently the item in your hand.

      • There is one type of block that is seemingly random as to how it happens, and isn't based on silk touch. Both warped and crimson fence gates are very broken where sometimes they can be replaced fine, but other times they become corrupted blocks when broken. I cannot find a reproducible pattern with these.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Get only five blocks of basalt and place them down.
      2. Mine them with a silk touch pickaxe and pick them back up.
      3. Try to place them again. You will find they have become "corrupted".

      There are plenty of instances of this occurring in the attachments, as well as a way to reverse the block "corruption".

      EDIT #2: It appears that the Silk Touch enchantment is behind the cause of items such as basalt and stems. It "corrupts" the blocks in a way and they cannot be picked back up. However, if you use an unenchanted tool or one with any other enchantment other than Silk Touch and break an "uncorrupted" block, drop one of the corrupted blocks out of your inventory through the inventory screen, and collect the corrupted block first then the uncorrupted one, it fixes the whole stack of blocks. User Noopaloide kindly provided video evidence of this occuring, and I will do the same for proof of consistency. However, the warped and crimson fence gates are still corrupted whether or not the tool is enchanted, regardless of enchantment.


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