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Mining Warped Nether Wart Block And Nether Wart Block With A Hoe Gives The Same Mining Speed As Mining With A Hand


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      Greetings Sir/Mam

      I have tried to mine the new warped nether wart block and nether wart block with all the hoe's in the game. First i tried to mine with a hand to check how much time it takes to mine (its slow). Then i tried to the same thing but with a diamond hoe. It gives the same speed as mining with a hand. I have a visual proof the bug and i have compared the mining with a hand and a hoe side to side.

      How To Reproduce:

      Step 1:- Take a diamond or netherite hoe.

      Step 2:- Mine it.

      Observed Results:

      Its slow.

      Expected Results:

      Should be fast.

      Hoping this information is helpful to fix this hug.

      Thank you

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