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Piglins only barter flint and steel, nether wart blocks, and obsidian


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      Explaining the bug
      The bartering with piglings is not working well, it depend on how the player interacts with the mob so now I will explain what happens in different cases.

      When right-clicking with a gold ingot, piglins will only give the player flint and steel and obsidian. When throwing gold ingots, piglins only give nether wart blocks.

      Piglins should give the following items:

      • Netherite hoe
      • Iron nugget
      • Potion and splash potion of fire resistance
      • Nether quartz
      • Glowstone dust
      • Magma cream
      • Ender pearl
      • String
      • Fire charge
      • Gravel
      • Leather
      • Nether brick (item)
      • Obsidian
      • Soul sand

      How to reproduce 

      1. Look for a piglin or spawn it.
      2. Right-click or throw gold ingot.

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