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      I’m fairly new to this, so I’m sorry if this doesn’t classify as a bug. 
      Villagers in my game have a bunch of problems. 
      for starters, villagers have trouble finding beds (even if they weren’t even occupied). They would just stand there and/or spin in circles. 
      If I put a new building up that’s 2 story and put a bed on the second story,
       With stairs, they would be spinning around and they would be not able to find a bed (keep in mind, even if the bed isn’t even occupied already) 

      Villagers would often go back and forth with emitting green particles and the thundercloud particles even if nothing happened out of the ordinary (job site destroyed or bed destroyed, etc) 


      a lot needs to be worked on with the villagers. I’m not completely sure if I have everything and I profusely apologize if I left some stuff out :/


      edit: also villagers claim beds that they can’t even get to. Ex: a villager would claim a bed but they won’t go through the actual door and it’s really annoying lol. They would be at the back of the house and try to claim the bed but won’t go through the actual entrance so they can actually sleep


      edit 2: some grammar errors. 

      edit 3: I am so sorry but I forgot to add that the bed wasn’t blocked by anything. They could very easily get to the bed, it’s just that they don’t want to for some unknown reason lol


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