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Some sounds are not correct on iOS



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    • 0.5.0, 0.7.4
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    • Tablet - iOS - iPod Touch


      Minecraft PE has numerous problems regarding sound effects.

      First of all android and ios mcpe sounds should be the same!
      Secondly the sounds are incorrect on ios because they are supposed to use the sounds befor e minecraft 1.4 and for some reason they have been like that since 0.3.0.

      There is no ambient water sound on ios
      Wrong Sand Sound, Gravel, Dirt, Stone, Wood
      No burp sound (at the end of eating like in PC version)
      No drinking sound for mushroom stew
      There is a ladder sound in the files but it should not be there! and if it is it should be included
      No skeleton death sound
      There is the new snow sound in the files but is unused.
      Walking on the Melon stem makes the same sound as wood.

      If they are going to stick to the classic sounds of minecraft they should update the tnt, player hurt sounds to PC 1.0 and onwwards or get the original door and bow sounds from beta (which would make alot more sense)

      The developers are not taking sound seriously. Sound is half of your gaming experience and games need responsive and correct sound effects. The developers should look through when they are testing because the sounds are all over the place!


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