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Flying custom entity - STUCK under trees leaves



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.14.30 Hotfix
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      Windows 10 - PC


       I've been trying to fix an issue for a week, but now I'm sure it's a bug that I can't fix.

      I have a custom tamed entity. It has the default physics component (without set parameter values). And movement components are added through component groups, due to the owner can choose when it fly and when it walk (through interact component). For the flying state, it uses the same components as the parrot (I show it in the attached screenshot).

      What happens is that the entity gets stuck just under the leaves of the trees, unable to move, and without following the player; and just then, the main problem is that after being "liberated" from the leaves, the entity can teleport to the player but it can't move, it remains stuck without touching the ground, and if the player hits it, it floats up...

      I've read that there is a bug fixed in the Minecraft Beta -, it says "Entities no longer freeze when a component group containing a navigation component is removed". But in my case the bug happens in the middle of the flying state, not when switching to walk or fly.

      I've tried making the hitbox smaller whenever the entity is in the air, but this doesn't fix it.

      Curiously, if the owner goes out and enters the game, and there're no players nearby, then the entity is updated and the bug disappears.

      Thanks in advance, I look forward to a solution...





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