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      Hello to you,
      I have some problem that arrived about 1-2 weeks ago (before everything was fine). I have to be the only surviving player on the phone to play on minecraft and therefore I can't find anyone else with these issues. (I try to make all the successes of the game in my survival world)

      1st problem:
      What I expected was ...:
      Unlock successes in my world (stay 1 day underwater, collect honey, slide on a honey block to avoid falling damage, craft a cake ...) even if I have NEVER activated the creative mode or cheat.
      What really happened was ...:
      NOTHING ... I stay more than the official 20 minutes (1 day in minecraft = 20min ~) underwater, jump, slide on a block of honey so as not to have fall damage and after that, recover honey with a campfire below, no successes appear

      2nd problem:
      What I expected was ...:
      I wanted to make a classic cake (milk, egg, sugar and wheat) to place it, eat it and have success.
      What really happened was ...:
      As soon as I place all my objects in the craft table and I click on the castle to retrieve it, it disappears and does not arrive in my inventory, even if it did use my 3 wheats, 1 egg, 2 sugars and milk ...

      3rd problem:
      What I expected was ...:
      After crafting my cake which never arrived, I wanted to make it again with all the ingredients by making it.
      What really happened was ...:
      I take sugar cane and transform it into sugar but it drops, same for blocks of wheat to have wheat, they drop at my feet while I have room in my inventory.

      I turn off my iPhone, I make the last update of the software of my phone (because I had a later one) or to "unload" the application, these problems do not disappear.

      Waiting for your return

      Thanks for your help


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