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Purchased Worlds Wont Download


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      I am currently in the beta and i have 3 worlds that i bought a while ago that say i own them but say they are downloading. The worlds are: Abstraction: MINECON EARTH by Jigrbov Productions, Adventurer's Dream Mashup by Noxcrew, and Way of the Bee by Razzleberries. When i purchased them they downloaded fine and i could play them, i just never did because i was busy with other worlds. When i click the pack itself it wont let me hit create world or purchase (even though i already own them) its just a blank rectangle that i cannot get my cursor on. It maybe because im in the beta and its one of those things where i need to wait for an update or patch. I will add that the Abstraction: MINECON EARTH has been like this since the previous update and i was hoping that the next update (current) wouldve fixed it.

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