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Problems joining worlds on PS4



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.14.1 Hotfix
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      For days I've been trying to play with a friend. We are both on PS4, both with PS+ and both with MS accounts linked (well, he had some trouble connecting his account, but after downloading a random free pack from the store, it worked). I had the PS4 edition before, but he bought the Bedrock Edition last week.

      I have another friend with whom I've been playing for weeks – ever since Bedrock Edition came out – and I just now realised I can't join his worlds. Only him can join mine. So Friend A can't join me, and I can't join him. Neither me or Friend A can join Friend B. However, Friend B can join both me and Friend A.

      I've seen too many people facing this issue, and it astounds me that Bedrock Edition was released in this state. And after going through some of the issues over here, I'm starting to realize that the team is either in denial about this problem, or losing their minds trying to solve it. Because nobody got a response.

      The thing is... supposedly, PS4 Edition is still working when trying to play online. But knowing that neither of my friends had it before Bedrock Edition came out, they wouldn't be able to get it now, right?

      Did anyone find a fix for this? It's beyond annoying, since sharing the experience is kinda the whole point of Minecraft – a game that the three of us paid for, just so we could play together.

      Is there a release date for the next update/hotfix? I can't seem to find anything related to it.

      I'm really hoping you guys manage to solve this problem soon. I absolutely love Minecraft, but this is definitely a deal breaker for me, and it makes me incredibly sad to see it like this.


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