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Hand animation erroneously plays in some circumstances


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      List of interactions

      The following interactions should not play the hand swing animation, but currently do:

      • Trying to eat cake when full
      • Trying to press a button that's already pressed
      • Trying to use flint and steel or a fire charge in a place that can't support fire
      • Trying to use an eye of ender in a superflat world Fixed
      • Trying to place a fifth turtle egg in a stack of four
      • Trying to place a painting where there's no space Fixed but MCPE-33203
      • Trying to use bone meal on any block, or fully grown plant
      • Trying to use tall grass on more tall grass
      • Trying to place cocoa beans when there already are cocoa beans
      • Trying to place glow lichen somewhere it can't be placed
      • Interacting with a cauldron with an empty hand
      • Interacting with a composter with an empty hand (MCPE-58449)
      • Interacting with an iron door/trapdoor with an empty hand (MCPE-19129)
      • Interacting with a jukebox with an empty hand
      • Interacting with a lectern that has no book
      • Interacting with a berry bush that has no berries
      • Interacting with an empty item frame
      • Interacting with any block while holding a glass bottle (MCPE-60464)
      • Interacting with a command block when you don't have permissions to access it

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