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Deleted Survival World - Bedrock Edition



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.14.1 Hotfix
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      Xbox One


      Was playing on survival in my main world, and just beat the Ender Dragon for the first time; after dying a few times and returning for my loot and the final kill. I didn't see or receive any experience after killing the Ender dragon, and after searching around I decided to go back through the portal; skipping the ending text (sorry read it on xbox 360). Long story short, after touching the egg, it teleporting away, I then couldn't find it after the 3-4 teleport, and looked/ dug around for it until I fell through into the void. Trying to avoid losing my gear, like a bad child, I shut off my xbox by unplugging it, and I did this again while trying to avoid death right after starting the game again that. I only unplugged it twice today, but after the second time, when I was trying to find my save file/world, I could only see my copy. I tried restarting, and everything else, but I couldn't find it or sync it. I probably deserve this, but I found some good comments here so I'll give those a shot.

      It seems i'm not the only on with this problem though. Hope this can be of use to someone in the future, sorta heart broken, but now I'll copy my worlds frequently and maybe play with more honor, lol. Started this survival world back in July 2019, but backed up a copy of it two months ago, so there's that at least.


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