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Randomly appearing and dissapearing landscape error on chunk borders



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      Was playing in world, exploring when random pieces of grass block, dirt, packed ice, snow layers, stone, spruce wood, leaves, coal with dirt texture, and air blocks in formations of 1 x 12ish x 7ish appeared. It seems to depend on the biome and location and what has glitched.

      What is the weirdest thing is that it sort of reloads once I save, exit and re-join. I was testing a dirt and grass one (the most recent one to appear currently) and some blocks were coal ore. I updated one and it showed the coal texture instead of dirt and I mined a dirt that turned out to be coal. it drops like normal, tested. dirt drops dirt, coal drops coal, no invisible blocks or that thing. More keep appearing, but one has disappeared. it was near my bridge above a river in mid-air, one day it just went and vamoosed. I have several screenshots and videos. These formations are on chunk boundaries. (I can not put my videos on because they are too big and most of the screenshots have errors)

      This is legit, did not make it up.



      Have updated to as listed in Microsoft store, but a new one appeared next to my afk fish farm, spruce wood and spruce leaves. Two are still there, the ice and one in the extreme hills biome have not been checked yet.


      Photo 1 is the one that disappeared, Photo 2 is ice biome, not checked, Photo 3 is not checked, far away, Photo 4 is next to fish farm, most recent as of now.


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