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Loyalty Tridents get stuck on honey blocks and do not return.


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      I was messing around in a creative world, and I threw a loyalty 3 trident at a honey block. However, instead of returning, the trident remained stuck on the honey block.

      What I expected to happen was...:

      After hitting the honey block, the trident should have returned to my hand.

      What actually happened was...:

      **The trident slid to the bottom edge of the honey block and did not move. It made a trident sound effect about 10 times per second (it was very loud). After further testing, I found that the trident would only stick to the honey block on the North and West sides of the block; on the South and East sides the trident would slide off the honey block, hit the ground and then return to my hand.

      Steps to reproduce:

      **1. Get a Loyalty trident (any level) and a honey block.

      2. Throw the trident at the honey block.

      3. If thrown on the North or West side, the bug should trigger.

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