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Enchanting level cost is not being reseted with grindstone



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.14.0
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      Windows 10 - PC


      I attempted to re-enchant a diamond helm by getting rid at the grindstone all the other but no to full cap high level enchantments and so all the too expensive! prior work penalty done in the anvil (ouch!) and get some of the EXP back to re enchant it all again but now trying to get all at full cap enchanted. So I thought that a good idea to invest the EXP is that the first enchantment could be done on an enchantment table so it wouldn't count it as prior work penalty afterwards and so I could skip it and then begin "from scratch" at the anvil and some enchanted books, since it's known that enchanting only with enchanting table is not enough to enchant to cap all the gear with all its possible enchantments. And then I got the fairly Respiration III and Unbreaking III, so nice! Later I went to the anvil to put some other enchanted books to it, but the anvil said again it was too expensive!, so I supposed that even the enchanting table use may count as prior work penalty perhaps, (weird, though I got a fairly high enchanting levels at the enchanting table: Respiration III and Unbreaking III using 14 bookshelves spending 3 EXP it couldn't be so much to get too expensive!, and it was only one single work. But what a lame, so disappointing, that I resigned to use only enchanted books and the anvil and try to be more clever in how to combine the books that I have and try to get full cap even using just and only the anvil. So with all my heart I had to get rid all, AGAIN, at the grindstone (ouch! TwT QwQ) and go again to the anvil, and what happened then? Even with no enchantments, the anvil was still saying too expensive!. There's where I've said WTFunk?? Something is then really wrong.

      The enchanting mechanics are not good now.


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