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Ingredients in custom recipes do not remain on the crafting grid even if set to do so


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      I have made an add-on with new food items and crafting recipe for them. Some of the crafting recipes need to keep certain items on the crafting grid, like the one attached below, but they don't do that and in the page where I have uploaded my add-on, some people are complaining. The bug applies to all platforms. Please fix it.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Open the file below to add the add-on to the game.
      2. Create a world, go to Resource Packs and add "New Foods resource pack". Then go to Behavior Packs and add "New Foods add-on". Enable Experimental Gameplay and click Create.
      3. Place down a crafting table.
      4. Place a piece of wheat above a milk bucket in the crafting grid.
      5. Take the cheese out of the result slot.

      What I expected to happen was:

      The milk bucket would turn into a bucket.

      What actually happened was:

      The milk bucket disappeared entirely.

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