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The On-Screen Keyboard cannot be used with Windows 10 edition, as opposed to Java



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      Windows 10 - PC


      Following up on a bug report I made on JE's tracker, JE issue #160175, I felt it was important to make you aware that, due to a lack of compatibility with the Windows On-Screen Keyboard, I'm unable to play Bedrock Edition, just as with the other issue I reported. Here's what I know so far:
      first off, cards on the table, I don't know if there ever actually was compatibility between the OSK and BE; I just know that, much like when I tried to play Java edition 1.14 for the first time, I wasn't able to, and the symptoms are the same here. Specifically, if I place the on-screen keyboard over the app's window like I'm used to doing in Java Edition, bedrock ignores it and doesn't let me click anything on the keyboard, instead resetting the cursor's position regardless of where it is. I realize it may be a lot to ask for this "bug" (which only really qualifies as such because it's a game breaking discrepancy between editions) to be "fixed", especially given that what was actually going on in the case of Java was technically Undefined Behavior with LWJGL (which isn't even present in the case of bedrock), but nonetheless it's kind of a serious thing to not be able to play at all, you know?
      Please let me know what other information you need from me, and if there's anything else I can do to help move this along.

      (screenshot description: a picture of what my screen usually looks like when I play on Java Edition. Note the on-screen keyboard and the little blurb from Dragon NaturallySpeaking telling me what the last recognized voice command was. Normally, to move around or otherwise use keyboard controls, I would just click the virtual key I want, but that requires the cursor staying in one place over the on-screen keyboard)




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