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Nether and End portals are broken



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      im going to quote my previous problem and hope no Moderator makes it Invalid because I put some wrong information in. Which I find stupid


      ”I’ve gone through the nether portal and before coming out the other side. I’ve suffocated to death, that’s happened to me twice, I’ve lost all my gear and about 70 levels combined because they did not come out the other side. I know that because I’ve had friends go into get my stuff and can’t find it.


      on top of that, when they go into the nether to look for my stuff, they end up at the wrong location. They end up at the same coordinates in the nether as they left in the over world, without a nether portal. I’ve even had one friend end up 10,000 blocks away in the nether from where the portal was supposed to drop them. I’ve also had one friend drown coming back from the end loosing everything that he had on him.


      this has happened across 2 realms and only after the last update. Warnings have been sent out to warn everyone across both realms but we are waiting for a fix.”


      as an update on current issues on my two realms. We haven’t dared adventure into the nether, too risky. On top of that, we are all experiencing extremely horrible lag. For some, eating something takes 2 animations and some 10 animations. We are unfortunately having to wait patiently for a fix to all of this and if possible, instead of a moderator making my post invalid, could someone atleast tell us if Mohjang are attempting to fix the issues not just listed in my post but others too.


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