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Xbox One Bedrock Edition Items crafted dissapear from inventory


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      The same issue was posted from " Dylan R Fennema " on November 8, 2019, he wrote it pretty clearly so I'm just going to use his words:

      So when trying to craft an item, the crafted item will sometimes dissapear immediately after it was crafted. You'll see the item in the inventory for a split second, and then it's gone. When creating Cakes (this is when the glitch first happened) the missing cake would end up taking two of the buckets with it too. I tried crafting other items and it's all hit or miss on if they dissapear or not. (Extra note: when logging out and back in the buckets return, but nothing else)

      The problem was first discovered yesterday November 9, 2019 and so far still persists. Now other Items are also being affected, like die, it dissapears in the same way.

      Thank you!

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