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Pillagers Spawning around an End city


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      Good morning.

      I was livestreaming my vanilla survival let's play, solo world, hard mode. (no mods, just faithful texture pack) 


      While I was raiding an End City, a pillager, pillager captain and a vindicator spawned. It only seemed to happen on the pur pur blocks, both inside the buildings and on the roofs. I did not notice them outside the city. 


      I could not find any other reports of this happening but many multiplayer servers are holding off updating. An Internet search came up with nothing. 


      I will attach a link to a video of this when I can. Please know that your efforts in making Minecraft as enjoyable as possible are greatly appreciated so I hope you find this information useful and that it can be resolved easily and look forward to your response


      I will be notifying my followers that this is something to look out for and encourage them to upvote this if they have seen anything similar

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