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When the riptide animation stops while gliding, you get the 1.8 block hitbox even though you are gliding


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    • 1.16.200
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      The bug

      If you use a riptide trident while gliding with an elytra you get the normal hitbox which is 1.8 blocks high after the riptide animation stops.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Have rainy weather (use this command: /weather rain)
      2. Put on an elytra
      3. take a riptide trident 
      4. use that trident and don't stop gliding during the riptide animation 
      5. After the animation stops try to fly against a ceiling by holding space or using a rocket

      Then you notice that you stop flying up lower than you should.

      What I observed: You have the 1.8 blocks high hitbox after the riptide animation stops.

      What I expected: You still have the small hitbox after the riptide animation stops because you are gliding. 

      That seems to happen because the game doesn’t test if you do something where you hitbox should be 1 block after the animation stops, simelar to MCPE-54255 and MCPE-55864.

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