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      my world crashes.

      Since the update my world is broken. As soon as I get close to my base - no matter which side - the whole game crashes.

      I tried to isolate the problem (backup copies, creativ). Maybe they are the furnaces the problem. These are moved in a machine. Maybe the problem but also where else, my Base have many redstone. I can not load the chanks.

      I am angry. This is my world. Please fix this

      Update I:
      after some test: Chunks seem to be broken, which are just on the edge of my base and no redston... I would like to delete them and new generated. I do not know how.

      Update II:
      I deleted the affected chunks using MCC Tool Chest. a chunk had redstone elements a chunk had only a few blocks and nothing that moves. The Game regenerated they new.

      Any attempt to reconstruct the half-destroyed flower farm again led to a game crash. Sometimes it was when placing redstone elements, at times when the waterlogged stairs were moving.

      That's frustrating. I have paid for version 1.2 and have been playing in the world since then.




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