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wall of block automatically jumping issue and roaming seller with 2 llama


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      When i am walking/running on a straight wall of block it automatically jumping. As you can see on the video i linked i provided(i can't upload the video here due to your video limit size). even though i am not using jump button it really automatically jumping with or without using my gamepad. this is a nuisance specially when im in a hurry going inside in my shelter with a door it jumps and jumps hard to get in my shelter it pisses me off when that happens. please fix this issue.


      For the Roaming seller with the 2 llama with him... i noticed that he only stays in a one block corner. he does not move anymore he just stays there. sorry i dont have a video for him he just died in the night.

      sorry for my bad english hope this will help and fix the issues asap thank you.

            zinfrey Jeffrey C. Sindo
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