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the beam of the beacon is not visible in 50 blocks.


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      the beam of the beacon is not visible in 50 blocks. This is utterly illogical and breaks a basic function of a beacon: to be visible from afar.

      I have the status effects of the beacon even before I see the beam. This is crazy.

      Somehow the visibility seems to be spherically calculated. The higher I am, the shorter the visibility. I can be right above the beacon and can not see the beam.

      Practically, you have to be exactly at the same height to see the beam at least 50 blocks away.

      But: It's a beacon, you should still see it on the horizon.

      Please correct the bug or better: make the parity to the Java version. As with the status effect without height limit. .

      Soory for the bad english, it's an automatic translation.

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