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      I have been working on expanding a single world. I’ve built bases in several different biomes spread across my map, and have relied on transportation systems through the Nether to manage my travel times. I spent most of the day yesterday building a base that was a good 5000+ (both z and x axis) away from spawn, and when I finally climbed back in the Nether to return to my other bases, it crashes ☹️

      I see that there are other people asking similar questions on your FAQ section but for some reason I can’t seem to see HOW their problems got solved anywhere there... only that they did. Apologies for what I’m sure must be a redundant glitch errand at this point.

      ...........Also while I’ve got you.... I might mention that I rode a horse to this new base of mine. Tethered him to a fence post right next to my base... rode the Nether transport to and from my other bases a few times... then when I got back, my horse was gone. The tether was still attached to the post but there was no rope coming off to it leading to anything. And no horse.

      It was from there that I continued work on this base to the level that I eventually experienced the problem described above ☝️
      I don’t expect you to get my horse back, but something fishy is going on. And you guys are the ones to fix it 🤓

      Thank you

            polterkat Robert
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