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invisible skin and mobs with sophisticated graphics


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      When you activate the sophisticated graphics in the game, the character becomes invisible, no matter if you wear armor or a parrot, your character becomes invisible, including the skin, what you have in the second hand, as opposed to the hand, becomes invisible. main, since the item you have in that hand if you see it.
      also the character is invisible in the minute that in Spanish they called him paper doll, he also became invisible in the pause menu (when you give him scape) only seeing what you have in the main hand, just like the skin is invisible on the menu to change skin while you are still in the world.

      When I was taking the screenshots to put them in the report of this bug I discovered that this same bug also affects the mobs I spend with skeletons and with village zombies the armor skeletons are seen in armor and like the zombies can also see their arches, the villagers zombies can only see the clothes they eat and if any of them are burning you can also see the fire I don't know if the bug affects all the mobs of the game

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