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[Fixed in 1.13] Barrier Block issues



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    • Beta, 1.13.0
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      Before the update to Windows 10 Minecraft, I had placed invisible barrier blocks over grassy blocks, to prevent things like my silly panda from getting stuck in the corners of fences and to prevent rabbits and chickens from getting trapped between bamboo stalks. It looked really good until the update. After downloading the update, all the grass underneath the invisible barrier blocks would quickly die and leave obvious dirt patches where the blocks are. This is frustrating since it ruins the look of a clean panda enclosure, I had achieved before the update. 


      I figured that since this update changed the barrier block, to be able to affect grass blocks, I then hopped it would have a much more desirable feature applied to it as well. I assumed that it was lightning proof since it is an invisible yet soild block. I used the barrier to build an invisible shield over my panda pen and pig pen, with the expectation that it would block lightning from striking and killing my beloved named animals. To my horror, I found that lightning goes right through the barrier blocks, as though it’s not even there, and it hits my animals anyway. The pandas die and the pigs get transformed into zombiepigmen despite my hopes. 


      I would very much like for these to be corrected or at least the lightning issue. If the block has the same effect of killing grass as any other soild block, then it only makes sense for it to at least be lightning proof like a soild block too. It’s called a ‘barrier’ after all.  




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