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      I survived in my world for 2 years,and it was time to kill the dragon.My mind saw the light plan:1.To get to the island(if tapanila out),2.Destroy the crystal edge,3.Kill the dragon.With the first two points I coped,it's time for the main dragon killing.With several visits,each of them to take only a sword.And suddenly on the 3rd time I did not seem to have been spawned 2 dragon.Immediately that I said:"WTF."Well, with these understood, thought that if 2 dragon,2 eggs.But not after killing the dragon one egg appeared,but it was destroyed by another dragon.And after the death of the dragon egg appeared.Of course it's a shame what is not a trophy,but the achievement is also this proof.I already have an idea how to fix this just add the dragon Egg to the block exclusions list breaking from the dragon.

      (If you wonder,the screenshot date 21.08.19)

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