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This is the worst bug I've ever seen..can't discribe in few words.



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      In order to show the bug more clearly,I'll start recording from the time of entering the end.


      After reaching the end I found that there are FOUR Ender Dragons flying upon my head.WHAT THE HELL?How am I supposed to kill FOUR ENDER DRAGONS with my noobie skills?(this is my first time to go to the end in survival mode).



      Fine I accept it I can have a try to challenge myself but this is not the end of the problem.AAAAHHHHHHHHH


      After dying many times,I decided to go back to the Overworld to get more weapons.(I respawned near the End Portal cuz I put a bed near it and set the spawnpoint.)I wanted to go back more quickly so I broke the bed and then jumped in to the lava(Am I supposed to respawn at the worldspawn?I hope I was right)

      After dying I still respawned near the End Portal,this is really strange because my bed was already destroyed..I jumped into the lava again but I wasn't hurt by the lava.I left the lava pool and I was still burning.But my health still didn't drop.(I swear that I didn't drink any Fire Resistance potions before.)

      Things are getting really weird.I got into the Portal again and was pushed into the Void by one of the dragons.I was supposed to die in the Void but I didn't!I can even walk at the bottom of the Void...(I AM IN SURVIVAL MODE!!!!).


      Uhh..So I reloaded the game.Then my progress can't run properly.It just keeps loading and stuck,just like the picture shows.

      I still can't load the map properly( :∇:)plz forgive m' grammar mistakes and my long story( :∇:)im just upset





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