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Lingering potions won't go away instead will just stay there.


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      Hello Everyone!

      I had many, many, many bugs occurring in my Minecraft Worlds.

      I don't know why?


      This bug got me extremely ****ed off and wanted the bug to go away.
      So I splashed lingering potions on the ground, and yet I was expecting for the lingering potion bubbles to go away. This was in one of my worlds occurring and I really wanted it to just go away. So then I searched up on how to get rid of those bubble effects. Turned out those wouldn't work and wasn't what answer I was trying to get to get rid of the bubble effects not the video settings from the Minecraft Java Edition the way how to get rid of it without commands or settings. That doesn't work and "I really do regret splashing the lingering potion".

      So? Did this ever happened to you before/today? Leave a comment down bellow on "How to get rid of this bug!" or tell that you had the same idea!

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