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Scaffolding floating strange


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      Experiment material:
      *Original Minecraft
      Explanation of complaints:
      When I dropped the scaffolding in my test, there was an oddity that is still sticking when it exceeds 6 distances to the east and it's not solid.
      Steps to try scaffolding bug:
      1. Open the open world in far test
      2. Command for /fill ~ ~ ~ ~16 ~-16 ~16
      3. The game will lag because too much falling scaffolding

      4. Strange scaffolding to begin when than 6 block to right/left

      5. Oddities begin to occur.
      The result:
      Scaffolding does not fall more than 6 blocks north / south / west / east and only 2/3 falls to the ground. This is very strange. Not only that version, but it happened in version 1.8-now

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