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Shields dont block potion effects


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      So i recently got bedrock edition to play with my cousins. Everything was going well until I noticed... Shields dont block effects. You might say of course they are not supposed to but I found this out when I was shot by a stray not thrown a potion at after a while of diamond farming I managed a diamond pickaxe. Mined obsidian. Made a portal. Went to the nether. Now one big thing: A blaze shot me so I quickly blocked it. The shield made a block sound and did the animation of my hand reloading it (as the item updated its durability it reloaded my hand) but i was still on fire (isnt that pretty pointless then?) so then i was watching other youtubers (obviously felix he is epic) and one of them blocked a blaze from hitting them with the fire thing but they didnt go on fire. So yeah. I think its a small fix but it kind of annoys me.

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