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cant feed or tame animals animals i have tamed are no longer tamed they will follow but not eat



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      i booted up inecraft on my unfinished account have been mining a lot for diamonds to go stronghold searching and realized my game was updating so i quit to dashboard so it would not save while updating and let it finish updating when i went to play again i went upstairs in my house where my 5 tamed dogs were and they were not sit like i left them they were running also noticed my blue collars were gone so i went and grabbed bones to retry taming them to no avail they would not eat anything meat or bones and yes my particles are on so i gave up and went to my cow farm to get leather as usual before killing i feed them to get more cows but again they will follow but will not accept food and yes im left clicking with nothing happening so i checked my sheep farm and sure enough cant feed them either tried regular spawns over 2000 blocks away from my house and i just cannot feed them started new game and i can but not on my main i have never beaten minecraft but am really close to being able to in my main does any one know a fix cause im at a loss not willing to restart have over 100 hours logged on main without finding stronghold if i cant get this bug fixed i will be deleting minecraft and never playing again i have tried deleting and reinstalling and nothingĀ 


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