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Leather Armor and Dying Issues



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.12.0
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      Windows 10 - PC


      So for the past few weeks leather armor has been spawning on mobs that is dyed (always gray) but when dropped by said mob, it is always normal/non-dyed. This personally does not affect me in any way, but there is an issue that does.

      We have an issue where dyed armor does not show up on armor stands. For example (look at pics).
      I am building something, and an armor stand will be here. Nothing very out of the ordinary correct? Well, the thing is the two pieces of leather armor that will be on the armor stand are going to be dyed yellow. And I successfully dyed them yellow, no issues with that. 

      But when I put it on the armor stand, it doesn't show yellow. It is gray. Not even a glitch effect of colors, nor even a split second of it being yellow then going to gray. It is gray. 


      As you can see, it is gray. And now, for evidence that it is dyed.

      As you can see, the chestplate is obviously yellow. You can tell it isn't gold because I am wearing a gold helmet, and the yellow leather chestplate does not match the gold helmet color. 

      It is a bit frustrating to know that all leather colors (maybe even undyed) will go to gray on armor stands when I do not want that.

      Please do contact me if anything has been solved, talked about, or if you need more evidence. 


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