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double chests don't work in local multiplayer



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      When someone joins my game and when they look at double chests they are just two chests side by side and you can only open one of them even if you click on the other one. When they click on it there will be the space of one chest and they isn't anything in the chest. When host looks at the chest it looks like a double chest and it has the space of a double chest and everything is in the chest when the host clicks on it.
      What I expected to happen was...:
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      I thought anyone that joined the game should see a double chest other than two chests side by side and actually be able to see what is inside the chest.
      What actually happened was...:
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      What actually happened was when the person that joined clicked on the chest it didn't have anything in the chest.
      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. The host of the game make a double chest and put any items in the chest.
      2. The person that joins the world will look at the chest and there will be two next to each other.
      3. Let the person that joins open the chest and there wont be anything in the chest.




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