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Multiple Bugs and Glitches


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      Some days the app will not open when clicked on, otherwise it will open to the loading screen before exiting out of the app on its own.
      When the player shifts POV or turns, the screen will vibrate and glitch out until player ceases to turn. 
      If player boards a boat, most of the time the right hand will begin to shake. If player utilizes the fishing rod, the hook will not go to the desired area in front of the player, but in stead will end up on the side or backside of the player. This does not occur when player fishes from outside a boat, and the fishing rod will be cast out to the desired target.
      And the latest bug recently noticed by me and other P.E. players is the bug that does not allow the player to smelt stone into smooth stone.
      I hope that these bugs are fixed soon so that I may once again enjoy my gameplay, thank you.

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