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Realms Reset Function Not Working



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    • 0.7.3
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      THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED AS OF 0.7.5 ... sorry, I can't figure out how to remove

      Another issue with editing my realm...

      i reported MCPE-4970 and this is another related issue. i thought it warranted a separate report.

      so, i've attempted to edit my realm's whitelist, and it doesn't work at all (see MCPE-4970)

      further to that, when i attempt to reset the world, the app acts strange.

      so, i hit reset in the top right.

      a screen comes up asking for the name, seed and mode... everything is normal at this point.

      whether i enter/change data or not, if i hit RESET, it'll take me to a scree that says 'Reseting Realm...'

      it will stay on this screen indefinitely... I've waited for over half an hour and nothing changed.

      I also noticed that while on this screen, I am able to select dialogue boxes from the previous screen right through the displayed window.

      so, it says 'reseting realm' and the rest of the screen is just an empty brown box (standard gui),

      if i touch the empty window in the location where the enter seed dialogue was on the previous screen, the text box and keyboard pop up right overtop the reseting realm screen.

      running 0.7.3 on a galaxy s1 - gingerbread 2.3.6


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