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Can't load on to multiplayer game.



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      Xbox One


      1.14.4 Pillager update

      I went through the end gateway after killing the Enderdragon on my friends world but only a chunk loaded. I thought nothing of this and boxed myself in a 2 by 1. I waited and it still did not load so I restarted my Minecraft and went to join my mate back again but then my loading screen would never get past the locating server loading screen. I appear in the game but no damage can be done to me. I can join his other worlds and he can join mine also, I am able to join his world on a different account but obviously don't have my stuff I have tried everything like re-installing the game, unfriending him then adding him back. It was a very good survival world with no cheats and great loot. Me and my friends had been playing for hours and hours. I had been carrying good loot and a lot of XP from just killing the Enderdragon. If anyone has any idea what is going on, help would be appreciated.




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